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Green House Gardening

When it comes to planting a garden, there are three different places where you can do it.  One place is to have your garden inside your home. The other and most obvious location is to plant your crop outside. The third way is to do your gardening under glass. This is called greenhouse gardening.

Greenhouse gardening is not very different from regular outside gardening.  The main difference is that you will have more control over the temperature and your plants will be protected from the elements.  Of concern is how you control the temperature inside your greenhouse.  Be aware that plants thrive at temperatures that are slightly cooler than the inside temperature of the average house and they also require a much higher humidity than what we are used to.



To ensure the you get a proper amount of sunlight and heat for your greenhouse you'll want to build it in a place that will take advantage of the maximum amount of sunlight throughout the year.  The location becomes especially important for the spring and fall seasons since the sun is at its lowest point in the southern sky during these times.  The greenhouse should be located where you can maximize the sunís rays from a southeastern to a  southwestern direction.



You'll also want to have adequate ventilation throughout the greenhouse.  Spacing your plants evenly around the greenhouse can help them attain adequate ventilation.  By opening the greenhouse doors in the morning and them closing them in the late afternoon, you can take advantage of the cooler morning air and help keep out the hot afternoon sun of the summer.  You can also do this in the winter months, but depending on the outside temperature, you might need to keep the doors closed most of the morning and then open them up when the temperature rises in the afternoon.  Just keep an eye on the temperature and don't let it get frosty inside.

One way to quickly cool down the inside of your greenhouse is to hose down the entire greenhouse floor and then open the ceiling vents. If you have ventilation fans, turning them on will increase the cool down rate even more.


Soil and Water

For most any plants in your greenhouse a commercial potting soil will work fine.  If you have the space, rather than growing your plants in pots or containers put them in large tray beds. The best greenhouse gardening soil mixtures include fir bark, sand, peat moss, vermiculite and perlite for drainage.

With the watering, you need to be a bit more careful.  Since the plants are in containers, not only do they need adequate moisture, but you need to careful so you do not over water since excess water cannot drain away into the ground.  An excellent way to control the watering is to have a climate controlled greenhouse with an automated sprinkler system that will  regulate the moisture levels.



Not only will your plants be residing inside your greenhouse but you will be there too, so don't forget to allow yourself plenty of space so you can get to each one of the plants.  Also have some free space so you can add new plants later on.  Planting in a greenhouse means using your imagination.

You should plant vegetables like carrots, beets, turnips and other root vegetables in deep box trays.  Lettuce and other low growing leafy vegetables can be planted in tubs with vegetables that have a taller growth.  Vegetables like peas, cucumbers and tomatoes also do well in tub type containers.

By using your imagination, you can make your greenhouse gardening experience not only successful but exciting.  Be inventive and see what happens!

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