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Gardening Shoes

Your garden may be just a small patch in your backyard, but it is still a garden and to maintain it, you still have to walk in it, no matter how small that patch is.  With that walking comes the price of water soaked, mud covered, grass stained shoes.  Not a pretty sight.

Like most all beginner gardeners, you probably have worn a pair of street shoes or tennis shoes to do your gardening work.  And chances are that this resulted in wet feet and you ruined your shoes.  But are you aware that there are companies that make gardening shoes just for working in your garden and yard. 

While gardening shoes are not very attractive (you wouldn't want to where them to a party) they are very functional and will do a good job of protecting your feet from the elements.

Therefore what type of shoes do you need?  There are mainly two types of gardening footwear that are available. The first choice is that of gardening shoes.


Gardening Shoes

Also called Garden Clogs, they are designed to soften the shock normally imposed while walking or standing in place for long periods of time. They are usually made of soft, flexible polyurethane, rubber or some other type of waterproof material.  They should also have non-skid soles and be very easy to wash

As far as comfort, getting a pair with a soft cloth or woven inner lining will give you a feeling of luxury.  In addition to being flexible to make walking easier, the material still needs to be sturdy and thick enough so it will give you support and will last a long time.  Sturdy shoes will also prevent injury to your feet from branches, rose thorns or stray gardening tools.

Some types of shoes or clogs will even give your foot a slight massaging sensation as you walk in them.  If you do get a pair of gardening shoes that have nice thick, soft soles, they will also be perfect for wearing in the house when you are standing for prolonged periods of time, such as when you vacuum the floors or wash the dishes.  If you purchase a good quality shoe that is not only water proof but durable, they could even double as a poolside slipper or a beach shoe.

A couple of different options to consider are if you want a low cut shoe that is more like a sandal or slipper or if you want a higher cut style that goes up over your ankles.  The degree to which you get your feet in the mud and water and how much you want to pay for them will probably determine which of these two styles you'll want to acquire.


Gardening Boots

The other type of gardening shoe that you can buy is a boot.  Boots will be a little more difficult to put on and take off, but they will offer you more protection.

Like your gardening shoes, the boots should be made of a sturdy material that can stand up to branches and sharp piercing objects.  And like the shoes, you'll want them to be waterproof and easy to wash.

Since boots usually are worn in more severe conditions than shoes, another thing to consider for your boots is to get metal reinforced heels and toes.  Something that will make them last and wear longer.

Gardening boots that extend up beyond your ankles have the added advantage of protecting your legs and are good to have if you work around large rose bushes, piles of dead branches or have lots of bushes that are close together.  You can also use a high boot to double as a rain boot especially if your rainy walks will take you into deep levels of mud and water.

Generally you will be able to find both Garden Boots and Garden Shoes in a variety of colors and styles.  While Garden Boots are not something you would wear at a party, because they are a boot, one would probably consider them to be a bit more stylish than a garden shoe.

Depending upon your gardening needs and what type of work you do in the garden, gardening shoes or gardening boots are a good investment and can make your gardening work more of a gardening pleasure.

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