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Gardening Magazines

When you visit your local supermarket or bookstore, these days you can find a multitude of magazines covering just about every subject you can imagine.  And just on the subject of gardening alone, you will likely have many magazines to choose from.

The BIG QUESTION is this: How can you tell by the glossy cover if the gardening magazine in your hands is worth your money?


Here's a few pointers for selecting a gardening magazine that's right for you:

  1. You've probably heard the saying: You can't judge a book by it's cover.
    Well, that holds true for magazines too, although you can get a feel for what's inside by examining the cover.
  2. Look at the titles on the cover.  They will tell you about the subject material that will be covered on the inside.  There should be subjects that attract the attention of brand new gardeners, as well as the more experienced ones.
  3. If you take a quick look at the table of contents, it will show you in a nutshell, what the magazine has to offer.  It will list standard articles that will tell you how gardeners achieved particular results in their gardens.  There may also be "expert advice" articles that reveal special techniques that experts used to cultivate a new type of flower, vegetable or hybrid.
  4. A good gardening magazine should have a section for new gardeners that shows you the steps to follow on mini-projects that will enable you to work toward your dream garden.  For example, it might be the steps to follow to make your own mulch or compost. 
  5. There should be plenty of good quality photographs.  Besides a "picture being worth a thousand words", good photographs can be a great inspiration when they depict beautiful gardens.  And of course, accompanying the photograph should be information describing in detail what was done to achieve the results in the photograph.
  6. A good magazine will also tell you about growing plants in different garden formats.   These articles may describe indoor gardening or tell you how to plan a Japanese garden.
  7. Additionally, the experts might recommend suppliers who have the tools, materials, expertise and knowledge to help you transform your humdrum, plain looking garden into a gardening masterpiece.
  8. Of course, all gardening magazines will have advertisements, but this is not a bad thing.  You will find advertisements from a range of companies like seed distributors, gardening equipment dealers and nurseries that will sell you seedlings and plants for transplanting.
  9. And finally, don't forget about the subscription page in the magazine.  By visiting your local store, you are able to look through many gardening magazines and compare them before you buy the one you really like, but you don't want to have to do this every few weeks or every month.  After you take the magazine home and read through it, if you decide you like it, then you'll want to find the subscription page and check out the price.


Almost always it will be cheaper to get a years subscription to a magazine than to buy all of the single issues for the year at your local store. Check out the subscription rate and how often the magazine is published and you'll be able to make this comparison. 

If you only plan on buying a few issues a year, try to determine how many issues you think you would buy, then figure out what your total cost would be and compare this to the yearly subscription rate. You might be surprised at how few issues it will take before it becomes more cost effective to just go ahead and buy a full subscription.

As you can see, the glossy cover on a gardening magazine is there to catch your attention and make you want to buy the magazine.  But by looking inside and checking out the contents, you'll know for sure if it offers what you are really looking for and won't be sold by just a pretty picture. 

The more you read, the more you'll learn and the more you learn, the better equipped you'll be to take your journey into Growing Your Dream Garden.

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