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Gardening Gifts

As you plan out your garden and begin building it, you'll want to also consider your options for the perfect finishing touch.  What kind of gardening gift could you give yourself, or even get for someone you know who loves gardening.  The range of gardening gifts spans from the whimsical like garden gnomes to the more practical ones like a gardening gift set or tool sets which are good for beginning gardeners.

With so many gardening gifts to choose from how do you decide on the best gift?  Think about the personality of the person you will be getting the gift for and also the level of their gardening skill.  This thought process will help you decide if the person would appreciate a light-hearted gift such as a wind chime, a garden statue, a compost tumbler or a tea maker.

If your friend is new to gardening then they would probably appreciate a gardening set.  A gardening tool set that includes a spading fork, a garden trowel, and a hoe to cultivate your soil, a pair of garden shears and a tool for weeding is the perfect gardening gift for the beginner.

A serious gardener will likely already have all of the basic tools but would love having a pair of quality gloves.   Gloves are not only for keeping your hands clean when you work with soil but they provide protection against thorns and other sharp objects that can be lurking in your garden.

For a gardener who has back problems, having a garden kneeler can be a blessing. They can even use the kneeler for other tasks like washing their car or repairing a bicycle.  While a trowel that is ergonomically designed can help support the wrist of anyone with arthritis, it can make digging a pleasure for anyone.

Every gardener understands the value using compost and the best way to get quality compost is to make your own.  Unfortunately not everyone has the garden space for a compost heap.  Giving someone a compost tumbler might not seem to be a great present, but it is an invaluable gardening gift for the avid home gardener.

All gardeners know that to get a thriving crop, the soil in the garden has to be just right.  How can you know if your soil is suitable for the vegetables that you want to grow?  Will your herbs thrive in your garden?  To answer these important soil question, an electronic soil tester is a great gardening gift.

These kinds of gardening gifts all have great practical value.  But on the other hand, you might consider a light-hearted gift such as wind chimes or a garden plaque with a cheerful saying.  Another gift consideration would be garden statues.  There is a large variety of statues from which one can choose.  They range from roaring  lions to cute little boy & girl figures.  Garden lions can be placed along a walkway or near the entrance to your garden, so sometimes using a pair, one on either side, gives a nice feeling of symmetry. 

If you still can't decide on what would be the best gardening gift for yourself or for a friend, then visit your local garden center or gardening shop and take a little time to peruse their merchandise.  They will stock a variety of items that can serve as gardening gifts and half the fun of getting or giving a gift is getting to pick it out, so have fun making the decision.

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