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Gardening Forums

If you’re a certified gardening aficionado then an online gardening forum is just the thing for you. There are probably times when your friends and family aren't interested in hearing all the details of your gardening stories, especially those about the  earth worm and its resourcefulness, or the detailed structure of the foxglove and its place in the whole gardening circle of life.

What an online gardening forum will offer you is a chance to talk to like minded people, any time of the day or night and who also love talking for hours on end about the vagaries of gardening.  And, best of all, they actively seek out  kindred souls such as yourself, for the same reasons you did.

But you might ask, how do I find an online gardening forum, and how do I find one that’s right for me?  That's a perfectly valid question. After all, you’re a gardener at heart, not a computer/internet wizard.

A good way to start out is to ask a gardening friend, or colleague, or relative to see if they are a member of an online gardening forum.  What you are searching for are satisfied customers who have found a forum that they like and are willing to recommend it to someone else.

Your next option is to ’branch out’ on your own and find your very own set of gardening fanatics.  Boot up your computer and get online, then go to your favorite search engine.  Google, Yahoo! and MSN are the most popular and are good ones.  Then just type the words “Gardening Forum” into the search box and press the search button. Presto, you now have a list, and probably a very large list of online gardening forums.

To participate in a forum of any kind you will generally be required to join and sign up as a member.  Usually this won't entail anything more than providing a valid email address, a password, and a member (or user) name.  Sometimes, a few personal details might be required, but it should be very basic, non threatening information.

There should be no charge for being a member of an online forum.  If they do require a fee for membership,  I suggest that you move on, and check out other gardening forums. Most are free, and won’t require you to shell out any cash  You can also try using the search term: "Free Gardening Forum".

A couple of things to look for is how many member do they have (or how many people are making posts to the forum).  Also check out the dates of the posts.  You don't want to belong to a forum where few people are participating and it takes days to get a response to any questions that you post.  When you post a question on the forum, you'd like for many people to see it and it's best if you can get several responses to your question.

You want a gardening forum that is vibrant, active, and fresh with ideas and comments so don't join the first one that you think looks OK, but shop around.  Check out a good number of them so you can narrow your choice down to a few, and then pick the one that is right for you.

Once you’re picked the winner and you’ve filled in all the pertinent information, take a moment to read the Forum Rules, Terms of Service, and/or the Privacy Policy that will probably be listed and have a hot link to the information somewhere on the main forum page.  This is to protect both you, and the people holding the gardening forum and there will be information on how to conduct yourself and what is and what is not allowed.

Now that you’ve finally found the kindred souls you’ve been looking for most of your life, make contact with them, which means submit a post and watch for a reply.  Have a little patience, because it could be a few hours before you get your reply. 

This should be a FUN experience, because after all, it’s not everyday that you get a chance to talk about gardening all day long, i.e. 24/7.  Now that you’ve found the perfect gardening forum, you never know: You might be found more on the computer now, than in your garden!

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