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Flower Gardening

When most people think of gardening, the first thing they usually think of is flower gardening. Flowers and gardens being naturally synonymous with each other. And if you are a dedicated gardener or want to be one, then you’ll naturally be doing your own flower gardening this year.

Flower gardening does not have to be limited to only the summertime. If you plan out what you'd like to accomplish and plant ahead of time, your garden can be filled with many different types of flowers most of the year.

If we look at the different seasons, then for spring flowers, the best thing you can do would be to plant bulbs. Any nursery will have them and nowadays, even the larger grocery stores and home centers carry them.  And if you’re more inclined towards the exotic, and rarer flowering bulbs, if you can't get them locally, you'll have a good chance of finding them on the internet and making an online purchase..

Favorites among bulb lovers are the early springtime Crocuses, and cheerful Snowdrops. Tulips though, are by far the most popular of bulbs in demand by flower gardeners, and are available in a variety of shades.  You can get them in a variety of colors, including even a black-colored one, which is really more of a deep maroon.

Spring flowering bulbs should be planted in mid autumn, as this gives them the necessary time to get established before spring. If you plant them too close to winter then you’re in danger of losing your bulbs altogether.

For a summer variety, we find that perennials are a big favorite for flower gardening as they yield blooms almost continuously throughout the season, and sometimes into the fall. With proper care, you’ll find that most of your perennials will not only last through to next year, but for many years to come.  You’ll also find that as the years and the seasons wear on, your perennials will become fuller and generally more hardy than the first year you planted them.

As autumn gently closes in most flower gardens are usually reduced to a few small hardy plants. If you're into more dedicated flower gardening however, that need not be the case.  Hardy, drought resistant plants like Asters number among the many types of fall flowers available, and will look stunning in late summer/early fall, Many autumn plants will grow to several feet in height and have vivid colors.  Or if you prefer, you can also get plants with light pastel colors.

Ornamental grasses are another favorite and will nicely complement your fall flowers, especially those that develop large beautiful plumes in the fall.

To round off the year and your efforts at flower gardening, there are even many winter blooms available. Amaryllis, Hyacinth, and Narcissus are a few of the more common known flowers and are available in bulb form. If you want something a little more out of the ordinary, try the Winter Jasmine, or Winter Honeysuckle.

So do some research as to what's available, take plenty of notes, plan, and buy to your heart's content. As a result, you will truly have a flower for every season, and your flower gardening efforts will be paid back with the rewards of beauty and personal satisfaction.

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